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a very common one, is what a lot of them refer to as "matrixes" (not at ALL related to the marker, or the movie) where they say that you can send them for example 200 dollars for an Angel. when you send them the money, they put your name at the bottom of a list, that they call a matrix. each matrix, has a certain number of people that it will contain.
in this example, lets say that the angel matrix has 20 slots in it. when you send them money, your name goes in slot 20. Each time that another person sends them money, your name and everybody above you, goes up one slot, and that person takes up slot # 20.
when you reach slot #1, you wait until one more person sends them money, and when they do, supposedly you get the angel sent out to you. Its a great theory, unfortunately, it can take months and months for your name to move up that list. during which time, most peeps lose interest (and their cash) and the list goes poof.

these matrixes are REAL common, and not just for paintball, I've seen um for TV's, Ps2, Xbox, dvd players...all kinda stuff.
the ads for um proliferate EBAY, usually in the form of a 1-10 dollar auction, where you buy INFORMATION on how to buy such and such for such and such price. usually looks something like "Buy and autococker for 30 dollars" "you are bidding on information on how to buy an autococker for 30" or somthing similar like that. Bad thing is, that most of the time, its not the peeps running the matrixes that are doing this, its the people that are on the lists, wanting to get their names bumped up faster.
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