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I'm trading my brass eagle for a ripper timmy (no offense B.E. people, this is just a little humor).. What should I do and how can I be sure this is a safe trade?

Straight up trades are usually the ones where most people end up unhappy or there is some kind of complaint. You got a marker.. used it a bit.. looking for something new and *bam*.. it catches your eye. Well taking a few steps before you send out your marker can save a lotta hassle.

feedback is great.. it lets you know someone is legit and has done right to many people before you. But usernames can get hijaked.. people's disposition changes.. etc...etc... Use a third party service. Split the costs or pay for them yourself. Remember, the $30 you think you are saving might cost you hundreds in future repairs and possibly time away from the field.

Read the first post in this thread about buying a marker from a private person. THEY ALL APPLY to this as well Get pictures, lots of pictures and save them along with your conversation logs. Someone shows you a picture of a dynasty shocker and you get a shoebox instead.. you won't be too happy. But at least you'll have some proof that the person scammed you. And you can never have enough evidence if something bad happens.

When you get someone's information, check it online. Check their phone number.. if it is a cell phone, it could be a shady as they can be cancelled easily, get a landline number. A home number. A work number. Some record.

look it up here

do a reverse lookup on the persons number, see if the address they gave you is legit or matches the number/information they gave you. can help with this. Call them before you send your marker, see who answers. If the address doesnt match the information you just looked up, it could be they're having it sent to some abandoned address or vacant residence so that it is less traceable. SEARCH.. ask questions, if in doubt.. post here and ask someone. If it sounds too good to be true.. guess what?

when sending your marker, send it insured and insist the other person does so as well. Send it delivery confirmation, you'll have some recourse with the delivery agency if you are scammed. Did I mention save all your records? I did? Good.. remember, more information is better.
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