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dude.. i tried my best but I still got scammed.. what now?????

Well, so long as there are people with no integrity and little self respect, people will be stealing. So it's time for you to get moving. Once you are sure you have been scammed, time is very valuable now. You've already lost money/gear and you gotta make the phone calls and pass the information on to anyone who will help you.

Make sure that the person has in fact scammed you. Maybe they had an emergency and had to take a day off or two. Yes, it sucks not getting what you were expecting, but it's better to be cool about it and be sure that there is a problem. The person should keep you in the know, but things happen.

Gather every last bit of information about the deal that you have kept (if you don't have much, be prepared to suffer a loss). Review it all, make sure you know all the details. Give an honest estimate to value of your gear BOTH NEW AND AS-TRADED CONDITION. Don't lie. The detectives will be asking for this information.

Call the local police department in your town, in the town of the person you sent your gear to, and file a report with the delivery agency. Get your detective's name, badge number if applicable, phone number, email, and A COPY OF ANY POLICE REPORT #'s. Different local departments will handle things differently, but if you can give them names, contact numbers, and report numbers from the other agency.. it might speed the process up.

Be prepared to fax copies of your kept information to anyone who asks for it. Kinko's.. 7-11.. WaWa.. most convenient stores have fax machines you can use for a nominal amount.

Call your detective regularly, update him/her and give them any additional information they ask for. Listen and follow their advice.

Post here and other forums. Let everyone know what happened, give some details.. screen name, messenger names, real name, address. If someone else has had a problem but was too bummed to say anything.. their bad experience may help your case out and they will feel better about making it known. Also, chances are.. the people who visit these forums may know the person in questions, see your marker at a field, or be able to provide you with information about the area (city/town/state) and local shops you can call to report your marker stolen.

SeARCH, SEARCH, SEARCH.. get any and all information about the person. Maybe their parents own a small local company.. call it and let them know what's going on. Google the person, maybe they are on a team and you can get a team mates email and contact them.

Thanks to railz for posting this, but here are some web sites that will help your cause if you've been scammed. If you are sure of being scammed, contact all of them.. more help is always better

1) Seller's local police department which you can find seller's city/town here:

2) The FBI Internet Fraud Unit:

3) Clearing house that works with various authorities who track scams:

4) The FTC internet fraud unit:$.s..._ORG_CODE=PU01

5) USPS Mail Fraud:
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