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Smile Re: Why do we have to have Tips for Safeguarding your gun.

Originally posted by CarlB
Man what has the world come to? Dudes where are you playing? You need motorcycle chains to tie down your gear. Why not get a GPS bug for you bag. Have it sewn in someplace inconspicuous. When your bag walks on you. You have the choice of either tracing your bag down or blowing it up. Another option on that could be a 500 round bag of paint exploding all over the fool that stole your gear.

I think the best option here is to play where you don't have to worry that someone is going to steal. I can honestly say that where I have gone to play people don't steal. All in all paintballers are good people at heart.

Had a tourney on New Years Eve. I showed up with out my goggle system. I had two different people offer me there extra gear. So I could play. I have seen many times when a players marker, or hopper is not working. Someone is willing to help out. Making sure that unfortunate one gets to play. I would rather play on the worst field, and repeatedly be shot in the arse at close range with a hot marker then have to watch, worry about my gear.

One more thing before I put my barrel plug in my mouth and shut up. I feel bad for you guys that have been burned by a thief. We spend a lot of money on the tools of are passion.

Look out to the fool "I ever catch stealing someones gear or mine."

I got your back brothers and sisters

Carl B

That is so true, i support that 100%. An addition to kind paintballers always helping, they do more then just try to fix ur gun for u. One time some guy gave me 100 free rounds because i was out of money and i ran out of paintballs in my pods and hopper. Secondly stealing is so harsh, someone who paid lots of money for equipment would atleast have some heart in them and wouldnt want to be stolen from. Unless its a noob with a 50 doller Brass Eagle.
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