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Front Player - Some one who, at the beggininning, runs forward more so that the back or middle(optional) players. He is the one who makes the flag grabs for the most part and gains angles on the oposing players. Front players require speed and FAST snapshooting.

Back Player - some one who, at the begginning, stays back and fires MUCHO paint. Back Players lay down some sweet spots to intercept front players at the begginning, and pretty much fire at any heads that pop out from behind a bunker. Back players are not always slow, but do not require speed other than on their fingers. Back players MUST know where all oposing players are, usually by coordinates. Back players YELL the coordinates to the front players and allow them to pick them off.

Tape - Side of field, used by front players to run along to make bunkering moves, travel to other bunkers, etc.

Coordinates - Coordinates are very commonly used by WINNING teams. They allow all players on the team to know where opposing players are. Lets say you are on a standard Sup'Air field that is 80 feet wide, by 150 feet long. You would use the shorter ammount of feet as the letters, and the longer as #s. You make it into a grid, the field is seen as squares. If a player is 50 feet forward, and 20 feet to the right, and the field is broken up into 10x10 foot squares, the player is at B5. B = 2 squares to the right, and 5 = 5 squares back.

Formations - There are tons of formations, making "code names" for them isnt uncommon. You dont want to yell out "alex move to front left, chris move back right, i will play back left" instead you will want to yell something like "Alex, Chris, Formation A" because the formation from an airial view looks like an A, or V, wither one is fine. Formations allow your team to know what atteck to go for. It helps to have formations so that your team acts as one, instead of 3 guys playing 3 different games. A simple formation could just be...having the back man pop up and shoot at the back man, and one of your fronts snapshooting at the oposing front player and the other front man(yours) moves forward one, gaining an angle, and taking out the oposing player your front man shot at.

Push - A push is a formation, that is executed in order to gain ground or, hopefully, to gain the 1st flag grab. Pushes may often come by the elimination of one of your own men, in order to gain the flag grab. This may be executed by the back man standing up and SPRAYING some paint at 1 or 2 of the players, them ducking and your front men standing up and snap shooting the other front men, then them ducking and 1 or 2 of the front men lunging for the flag while the back man lays cover, one player may be taken out, but you may get the flag aswell. note: that isnt the best push ever, just a simple example.

SweetSpotting - SweetSpotting normally occurs at the VERY beginning of the game. I as a back player raise my gun and just spray a line of paint in between 2 bunkers, in hope that a player will try and cross it. Its not just a dumb guess on which bunker will be ran to, it is usually out of common sense. By doing this, a player will be quickly executed and you will gain the advantage of numbers.

Snapshooting - Snapshooting is simple where your behind a bunker, and you pop out and take a quick shot or 2. A good player can pop out fron top, left, or right, and hit a target that is atleast 25 feet away without to much trouble. It takes alot of practice and will make you sore, though it is the most useful paintball skill ever. If you've got a guy whos waiting for you to pop out over the top, and he is going to gog you, you had better be able to snap left and take him out, or your goign to lose.

Bunker - Everyone knows this, you run forward and shoot the guy behind the bunker who is unknowing of your plan. Its not always that simple though, as i will explain in one of the later posts.

These are a few simple terms you should know. If you want to add some to this just post them up. Got some good tactics? Post em!
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