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OK i am just going to write up a simple bunkering tactic right now because i have already typed a bunch today.

The Simple Bunkering - Its two on one. Your team has 2, other has 1. You cant seem to snapshoot the guy because he is either quick, or has burried himself behind that bunker. Your most simple and effective plan? Bunker him! So simple you give a sign to your other man to lay down some paint, you can either give a hand motion (i use the "2 finger bicycle" gesture and point) or give him the code to lay down some heavy paint. He pops up and lays down the paint on the bunker while you take to the tape and move forward to your opponent. Your opponent hears tons of paint all over his bunker and doesnt move an inch, and ir he does he either gets gogged, or doesnt have time to react to your comming along side of his bunker and shooting him in either the mask, gun, or pods(these are hardest and will always break the ball, i play as a good sportsmand and dont light up a guy to hurt him, if you do your an ***hole and your hurting the game of paintball)

Note: there doesnt have to be only 2 on 1, but its easier to explain, if there is more you must make sure your covered from fire, sometimes the 2 opposing players are parallel from eachother and you can get them both, if your lucky, if you get shot you cover man should be moving and take him out while he is devoted to shooting you.
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