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My blazer, Bz444 named "Sugar Free"

Bz444. Built in 2000(I think), blue/silver splash ; Nickle Highlights ; 12" PPS Dual Vented Nickle Plated Brass Barrel ; 45 frame with a Blade trigger w/ Houge Grip(not pictured) ; Male PPS stabilizer w/ DYE guage ; Bottemline setup with nickle QD fittings ; Lapco Mini drop w/ duckbill ASA ; CPPA lazer engraving ; PPS Feed yoke(or warp feed setup)

Here it is with CPPA logo Lazer engraved
With a Warp:
Older picture:

My Stroker:
P204 created in '93; backbottle ; matte nickle finish ; battle grips ; UMB ; converted to Bottemline ; brass trigger shoe
Previously owned by Allan Carpenter of PPS

My palmerized PGP aka "Javelin"

Custom 10" Brass Spiral Vented Barrel; Center Fire Bolt ; Ultra QuikStrip system ;
Tru-Dial Velocity Adjuster ; Faast Changer ; Ball Feed Détente ; Fixed Wedgit ; Sight Rail ; Nickel Plated Body and Brass Trigger Shoe ; PMI Rubber grips.

Pics dont work so here they are:

I think that is it. Also, Luke yes I did have to add that thing about Allan.
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