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Well i am not going to start a huge arguement, but from what i have seen only newbie rec players pull this stunt. After all, "Crazy Pro" players are still pro, and dont play rec ball to much. And on a good team every man knows where the opposing player is, and you will know if someone is shot, they should be covered at all times, if their hopper is sticking out 2 inches its going to be hit, you know if someone is out or not normally.
AND my biggest point is that it is cheating. I dont care if people say its a strategy or tactic, its not, its flat out cheating. Lets say someone is actually out, you see them walking with their gun above their head, or pointed down. Being a good sportsman, or someone who wants to make a good name for paintball and further the sport in a positive way, you dont shoot someone like that. Now if you take advantage of some one who is trying to help the sport grow and make a positive outlook for those who dont play, well your a not so good person and your hurting the sport.
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