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The Ultimate Video Thread!!

**Updated 8/20/05**

This is a video thread that I put together from a lot of other threads here at pbr and pbn.
I hope that this thread will satisfy your hunger for paintball videos.
If I have missed any, or you have some to add, post them here, and I will edit them into my post.

Look around these websites for some videos!

Threads with videos: AND+sticky AND+sticky ND+sticky

Here is UTL's special request! An organized index of the links i put up.

Games: id=53

Product videos: id=54


Shooting guns:
F2f4ís proto
F2F4's updated proto
JD-fuels cocker
All below shooting vedeos from Mr Murderdoll89
Little Kid Rips on DM4
Wiffle32 From Air Powered
Mr Murderdolls Friend Greg being "Hardcore"
Dynasty Shocker
DM4-Vid 1
DM4-The Blue Test
DM4-Vid 2
TadaoDM4 High
TadaoDM4 Low
SEAL34 shooting his A5
F2F4 Nexus ego




Hopper drop tests:

toons, stunts, and skits:

Paintball dances:
Mr Murderdoll89

What paintball was like in 1985 (ABC):

weird anti tank cannon.
Mr Murderdoll89
some guys anti pball tank vehicle

Mr Murderdollís team vid
Click here to watch cp_0001

BTW, if a link does not work, look at the URL in the adress bar. if it has a </a> at the end of it, get rid of that, and try again. And if a link doesent work, let me know so i can fix it.
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