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Originally posted by Wheels
We have everything a Pro, Am A, Div III X-ball, Area Tourney teams (5 and 7 man) and a 3 man team that's won there tourney series 2 or 3 year in a row. Then you have me and a few others the work to much to commit to a team, but can go and play and be sucuessful with all the other guys. We even have some semi newbie, that we are teaching the game and every once in awhile we get a true noob we have to take care of, which is fine. All are welcome!
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Originally posted by Executioner
My friends and I were sitting in the cafeteria freshman year of college and we go to leave and my friend goes no wait! We can't go, he wispers to us that he has a massive boner. So we sit back down and asked him like every 30 secs is it at half-mast captain, we must be on our way. Good times were had by all. "
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