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I have a Blue 2004 Extreme Milled BKO for trade for a higher end gun. I will Include:

Blue Matching 16" 'Cocker Threaded Dye Ultralite
Black 12v Revvy w/X-Board
Black 14" Spyder Threaded 32 Degrees Whisper Barrel
Black/Blue Severe Paintball Jersey
Black/Gray Dye Barrel Condom
Autographed Drawing Of Gator Glaze
Red Extreme Rage 68cu Tank Cover

Someone PLEASE post an offer for a higher end electronic gun. I would really like an Ebladed Autococker. Year of gun doesnt matter as long as the gun shoots great.

I can only talk on here Monday-Friday 10:30-11:30 A.M. because I am grounded from the comp at home and I have to use the school comp.

Please PM me with any offers you may have.

Pictures upon request.

I DO NOT want to sell this gun. ONLY trade!!

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