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2003 B2k w/ PDS

1st. stage:

-Dye Sticky-3's

This is when I first got my b2k. Everything is stock cept grips.

2nd stage:

- Dye Ultralight 14" .689
- Bob Long Torpedo
- CIP Unimount
- O-ring Detent Mod
- Blue LED Mod

O-ring Detent mod

All I did for this mod was cut a mm thick peice of macroline and put it in my detent. This helps prevent double feeding which is common when using force fed hoppers. (Reloader B, Egg2, Halo B)

Blue LED Mod

1. Go to radioshack and buy a 5mm LED color of your choice.

2. Snip the leads on the new LED so they are about 5 mm long.

3. Take off your grips and board.

4. If you have PDS, then you must take your eye covers off or you will pull a wire when you take off your tray.
If not, take off your tray and frame from the body while being careful not to pull out the wires from the noid.

4. Locate the old LED and pull it out from the hole.

5. Once you have your old LED located, you will notice that there's shrink wrap where the wire is connected to the led. You can either snip the wires off where the wires meet the LED, or you can carefully take the shrink wrap off with mini-pliers, then use a soldering iron to heat up the old solder until the LED breaks free.

6. Now that you have your old LED off, take wire strippers and strip a bit off the wires.

7. Take your new LED, and solder your wires to the leads.

8. Now would be a good idea to put your board and battery back on when doing this. So Then before you solder the wires, you can find out if you're connecting the appropriate leads with the appropriate wires.

9. Once you have the wires soldered on, take either shrink wrap or liquid electrical tape and cover the soldered joints. This will insure a good connection.

10. Finally, pop your new LED back into the hole and reverse the steps to put your marker back together.



4th stage:

-Dye Sticky 3's
-Dye Ultralight 14" .689
-Bob Long Torpedo
-CIP Unimount
-O-Ring Detent Mod
-Blue LED Mod
-Vapor Valve
-CCM No-Rise Clamping Feedneck
-Centerflag 68/4500 (in mail)
-Eggy2 Y-board

Coming Soon:

- Halo B
- CP shorty reg (in mail)
- Quick Disconnect noid/eye wires
- MacDev Gauge

AIM: Pbkid39

Yellow SP ION

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