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Clear Battery Door Mod:

This mod is for those who have a battery door cover and don't like it or would like to try something different. I have a b2k2 cover, so people would get confused and think it's a b2k2.


- Dremel Tool
- Screw Driver
- Some type of hard plastic (plexiglass) I used a hockey card case.
- Nail file or any kind of file.
-Sharpie Marker

1. Take your battery cover off your ICD marker using a small screw driver. Be careful not to drop the screws into the marker.

2. Take your battery cover, place it over the piece of plastic you used and trace the battery cover over the plastic.

3. Using your dremel tool, follow the lines you traced. It doesn't need to be perfect since you can always go over it with a file.

4. After you've made the final touches to it with the file, it's time to make two holes on opposite sides. For this, just find a small round head bit for your dremel and drill it through each marked dot where the holes will be. When you're done it should look like this.

5. Finally, screw it back on where the old cover used to be and you're done!


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