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Unhappy Tippmann Flatline/Lapco Bigshot!

Ok I am going barrel shopping tommorow. I am still not to sure which one to get. I am stuck between the Flatline and the Lapco Bigshot! I hear that the Bigshot basically has the best accuracy of any barrel you can buy. Then I know the Flatline has the longest range. I also here that the Flatline is too unpridictable and doesn't have very good accuracy. Does the extra range make a big difference or does the extra accuracy of the Bigshot make a big difference?

Also the other little question I have is can you mount a AMCO IMP Red Dot site on the shroud of the Flatline? I have a feeling I might end up getting the Flatline if I can just put my site on the shroud without anything else to help it stay on.

Anyways I need to know by tommorow if I can get a responds by then! If not I will ask when I go shopping if my site will fit on the shroud. (I like the Flatline alot more with the shroud) If I can't I will go with the Bigshot.
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