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Paintball Dictionary (Third Edition)

Here's the updated dictionary. If you see anything that is wrong, needs clarifying, or something that is missing, please post it. Remember, this dictionary has only gotten to where it is by contributions from the members. Please help out if you can.

Thanks goes to: Jordan (for making the original), Magnus (for making the second version), amzing spyderman, and all the members who have contributed to this dictionary. I do not wish to take any credit for the content since this has been written by the members of PBR

Second Edition


ABS- anti-bolt stick. A setting on some guns in which after 15 seconds of non-use it increases the dwell for the next shot fired. This helps prevent bolt-stick, but may result in higher velocity for the first shot.

ACE- Anti Chop Eyes- prevent chops.

Agitator (Hopper component)- A hopper which contains a small battery operated motor connected to paddles which act to move paintballs into the feeder of a paintgun. This gives the gun a constant supply of paintballs without requiring that the gun be rocked back and forth to force the ammunition to feed.

Airball-n. A type of game play where large inflatable bunkers are used.

Aluminum-n. A light elemental metal. Aluminum alloys are commonly used in the manufacture of paintball guns, accessories and tanks. Aluminum is notable for its relative lightness, and resistance to corrosion. It is a soft metal, and easy to shape. This means that aluminum parts are inexpensive but also susceptible to impact damage.

Anodization-v. A process for coating metals. The object to be coated is placed in a solution containing metallic salts and an electric current is passed through it.

Anodization-v. A process for coating/coloring metals. The object to be coated is placed in a solution containing metallic salts and an electric current is passed through it. Done strickly for aluminum products.

Anti-fog Spray-n. A spray designed for preventing the lenses of the paintball mask from fogging.

Anti-Siphon- a small curved build into some co2 tanks to prevent liquid co2 from entering the paintball gun.

ASA - Acronym for Air Source Adapter. The part of the gun where the tank screws into, to pressurize the marker.

Autococker – n. (paintgun) built by Worr game products, or WGP, closed-bolt semiautomatic operating paintgun. Has been around for a long, long time.

Auto-Trigger- A feature on some pump guns where the user can hold down the trigger while pumping the gun allowing multiple rounds to be fired in a short amount of time.

Ball Detent- A little round protrusion into the chamber that prevents double feeds. In blowbacks, this is usually a plastic nub...'Cockers have a ball bearing.

Barrel (Paintgun component)- The tube from which the paintball is discharged when the gun is fired. Paintball barrels are made from aluminum alloys, brass, stainless steel, and carbon fiber. The major characteristics of a barrel are its interior diameter, length, and effective length.

Barrel Condom (Safety equipment)-n. Evolved from the barrel plug, the barrel condom is a cloth or nylon sleeve that is placed on and around the tip of the barrel to prevent paintballs accidentally fired from the paintball gun from hitting anything. Two chords attached to this sleeve tie around the feed of the paintball gun, to prevent the sleeve itself from being fired off.

Barrel Plug (Safety equipment)-n. a plug made out of plastic or metal designed to fit into the front end of a paintball gun barrel. This prevents paintballs from being shot out of the gun when in use, however if multiple shots are fired, the barrel plug may be shot out.

Barrel, Ported (Paintgun component)- A ported barrel has holes (ports) drilled through its walls for part of its length. Porting serves to quiet the paintgun by venting gas to the sides of the barrel, reducing the explosiveness (and noisiness)of the exhaust from the muzzle. Porting also reduces the effective length of the barrel.

Barrel Tap- a way of eliminating an opposing player by tapping their bunker with their barrel.

Beavertail (paintgun component)- a piece of metal designed to encase the protruding bolt to keep it from striking the user when the bolt fires and retracts. Designed specifically for rear cocking paintball guns.

Bleed Valve (Propellant system component)- Allows the compressed gas in a paintgun and remote to be discharged before disconnecting the gun from it's propellant source.

Blind firing (slang.)- To blindly shoot over the tops or sides of a bunker. Commonly a mistake made by newer players.

Bolt (Paintgun component)- The bolt actually brings the propellant (gas) into contact with the paintball. In both closed and open bolt guns the bolt is brought to rest behind the paintball and gas flows through the bolt to push the ball through the barrel.

Bonus Balling- v. the act of shooting someone after they are already marked

Bore- The diameter of your barrel and the circumference of your paint

Bottle See Tank.

Bottom Line - (Paintgun component) An air fitting that moves the paintgun's gas input to the bottom of the grip frame.

Bounce- When a paintball hits, but does not break. Very painful.

Bounce- See ‘Trigger Bounce’

BPS -Balls per Second.

Break (slang)-v. The paintball splatters inside the barrel on it's way out due to friction, weakness of the ball, or outside weather conditions.

Break (slang)-n. The time period right after the whistle blows to start the game. The start.

Bunker -n. any object used as a barrier between paintball players to be used as cover or for a protected firing position.

Bunker (slang).v. To rush around the sides or over another players bunker and fire upon them at close range. See image 3.

Burst Disk (Safety device and propellant system component)-n. A part of the valve assembly at the top of a CO2 tank, the burst disk ruptures when the pressure inside the tank exceeds the containers pressure rating. The gas in the tank is then vented safely.
Buttplate- n. A piece(usually plastic) put on the end of a CO2 tank to make it into a stock for steadying your aim

Capture the Flag- Style of speedball where both teams try to obtain the opposing team's flag and return to their own base with it.

Carbon Dioxide (Propellant gas)- A colorless, odorless gas used as a propellant. Carbon Dioxide (CO2), occurs in nature as a gas. In paintball applications liquid CO2 is used to partially fill the player's tank. Some of the liquid boils off to become a gas and that gas is used to power the gun. Each shot fired removes some CO2 gas from the tank and that is replaced by gas from the liquid CO2 in the tank.
See also the CO2 Systems Info sheet.

Center Flag- style of speedball where both team's objective is to capture a flag hung in the center of the field, and to return with it to their base.

Chopping (slang)-v. Where the paintball doesn't feed fast enough down the feed and the bolt goes forward and slices the ball in half.

Chronograph (Field equipment)-n. This is a device that uses radar to measure the speed of a paintball as it is fired from the marker.

Closed Bolt- n. When the marker's trigger is in a neutral (not-pulled) position, the bolt is forward leaving the breech closed and sealed with a paintball already sitting in front of the bolt. When the trigger is pulled, air propels the paintball. Then a mechanism pulls the bolt rearward, allowing a new paintball to enter the breech, and the bolt returns forward pushing the paintball into the barrel to wait for the next trigger pull. (Examples are the WGP Autococker, and the PPS markers such as Typhoon/Hurricane, Stroker, and Blazer.)

CO2-n. See Carbon Dioxide.

Cock - v. To position the hammer or other component of the firing mechanism of the paintgun, to be fired.

Cradle (Paintgun Component)-n. an adjustable drop forward.

Cup Seal (Paintgun component)-n. This small part is used in blow-back semi's.

Dead Box-n. Term used for a specified location on a paintball field where eliminated players are supposed to go.

Dead Man's walk (DMW, slang)-v. a strategy when a player stands up and walks off the field as if they are hit, in hopes of gaining the element of surprise or a position of advantage on the opposition.

Debounce- n. Setting on electronic markers that reduce/eliminate bounce in the marker's electronics.

Dimple – n. An imperfection on a paintball
Dorito- n. Shape of a sup' air bunker that looks kind of like a 3D Dorito or if you're in to RPGs, a 4 sided dice

Drop Forward (Paintgun Component)- a device attached to the paintball gun that moves the tank further forward to create better balance and a smaller profile.

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