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Elbow (Paintgun component.)- 1.An angled tube (usually plastic), one end of which is fastened to the gun's feed. The other end of the tube is pointed upwards and receives the hopper or agitator. Paintballs are fed from the hopper into the gun through the elbow. Elbows are usually classified based on their diameters (what size feed will the end of the elbow fit?).
2. Air fitting. An angled tube (usually metal) through which gas flows. They are typically used to force sharp changes in the direction of flow in places where a micro-line or steel braided hose would become pinched. Elbows are threaded so that they can be connected to other parts of the air system. Elbows are usually classified based on their diameters, angle (45 degree, 90 degree, etc.), and pressure rating.

Expansion Chamber (Paintgun/propellant system component)-n. An expansion chamber serves as a heat exchanger and conducts heat energy from the environment to the propellant system, expanding the gas or (in the case of CO2) converting liquid in the system to a gas. Expansion chambers are useful only in CO2 driven systems since CO2 is temperature sensitive where as HPA and Nitrogen are not.

Eye (Electronic component)-n. An eye is a sensor that is connected to the breech of the marker. The eye looks for a paintball in the breech. If it does not sense a paintball, it will not allow the marker to fire until it does. This virtually eliminates chopping. Eyes are only found on some electronic markers, not mechanical markers.

Fanning the Trigger (slang)v.- When a person uses their middle or index finger or both, held strait out to fire the trigger. The entire forearm moves back and fourth rather than just the trigger finger. This allows a person to fire faster because they use their shoulder and forearm muscles, rather than their finger muscles. This style of firing is looked down upon by most paintball players.

Feed (Paintgun component)- The tube through which paintballs are fed into the receiver of the paintgun. A gun may have a right-hand, left-hand, or vertical feed. Vertical feeds reduce the overall width of a gun and hopper by placing the hopper directly over the receiver. Right and left-hand feeds allow the shooter to sight over the top of the gun. A right-hand feed slopes down from the right side of the gun and positions the hopper to the right of the gun body. A left hand feed slopes down from the left side of the gun. See also power-feed.

Focker- n. A commonly used term given to markers that function like an Autococker but are not made by WGP thereby not being 'true' 'cocker.

FSDO - First Shot Drop Off. This happens when your marker has been sitting for a short time like 5 minutes. The first shot you take will have a low velocity. Different guns have different ways to fix this, so ask how to fix it in that guns forum.

Gack-(Slang) a mixture of paintball shell fragments and paint, occasionally found inside a poorly maintained marker after a long period of time.

Gas through Stock (Paintgun component)- A stock with integrated air fittings that allow propellant gas to run through the stock to the paintgun's gas input.

Guppies (slang)-n. Containers used to carry extra paintballs. See also pods.

Gogged (slang)-v. Paintball term for when someone is shot in the goggles or eliminated from a head shot.

Hammer (trigger component)-See Striker

Hard-line air fitting (propellant component)- A solid metal tube used to transport gas from point to point. Brass, copper, aluminum and steel are common materials in the manufacture of these hoses. Hard-line hoses are usually classified based on diameter and pressure rating.

Harness (Equipment)-n. Canvas material in the form of straps and cases usually in belt form. Used to carry pods or guppies for holding extra paintballs.

High Pressure Air (HPA) Propellant gas- Quite simply, this is compressed air, the same stuff we breathe. In paintball applications it is compressed to high pressures (1800, 3000, and 4500 psi are the standards), in tanks and the output pressure is limited by a regulator. HPA and Nitrogen may both be used in the same containers and so both terms are often used interchangeably when discussing high pressure systems.

Hopper (Paintgun component)- A plastic bottle which connects to the feeder of a paintgun (often via an elbow). Paintballs are placed into the bottle where they are fed via gravity through a hole in the bottom.
See also Agitator.

Hose- the tube (usually made of steel or plastic) that runs air from any one part of the paintball gun to another.

Hot (slang)- Term used for guns that are firing above field FPS (Feet per second) regulations. ex. "Firing hot"

HPA - See High Pressure Air

Hybrid electro n. Markers which are partially operated by electronics (IE Solenoids) such as E-bladed autocockers, E-spyders, and black draguns.

Hyperball - adj. Style of speedball where bunkers are made out of large industrial pipes that are stacked either vertically or horizontally as bunkers.

Impeller- n. Component used in electronic hoppers used to push balls into hopper feed neck to decrease the chances of chopping at a high BPS.

IVG- n. the part that adjusts velocity on an Autococker.



lenses (Mask component)-n. a piece of transparent plastic used for protecting the eyes.

Lit up (slang)- Term used for overshooting, or being shot up excessively.
LPR n. Low Pressure Regulator. A regulator commonly used in higher end markers which regulates the PSI going to the pneumatics.

Loader - See Guppy or pods. Also refers to hoppers

Mag n. Automag, built by Airgun Designs, or AGD, blow-forward semiautomatic paintgun. Has been around for a long, long time

Marker (slang)-n. accepted paintball terminology to replace or be used in place of the word "gun".

Mask (equipment)-n. The absolutely most important piece of paintball equipment. Usually made out of plastic, rubber or foam, with the lenses made out of plastic. Factory capable of withstanding hits of objects at 300+ fps (feet per second) but not advised to be hit by anything over that.

Max (slang)- Getting maximum points in a game by getting the first flag pull of the game, eliminating all opposing players, not losing any of yours, and/or getting the flag hung.

Micro-line (Propellant component)- Flexible, small diameter, plastic hose. More easily cut and shaped than steel-braid hose.

Milling -A modification where parts of the marker's body has been cut out/off to make the marker lighter and more attractive.

Mugging (UK Term, slang)-v. See bunkering

Muzzle Break - See Barrel, ported


N2 -n. See Nitrogen

Newbie (slang) -n. derogatory term used for new or inexperienced players.

Nipple Cover - n. Used to cover and protect the fill nipple on a HPA tank.

Nitrogen (Propellant gas)- Elemental Nitrogen in the form N2. A colorless, odorless gas used as a propellant. In paintball applications it is compressed to high pressures (1800, 3000, and 4500 psi are the standards), in tanks and the output pressure is limited by a regulator. Nitrogen and HPA may both be used in the same containers and so both terms are often used interchangeably when discussing high pressure systems.

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