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Open Bolt - When the marker's trigger is in a neutral (not-pulled) position; the bolt is pulled back leaving the breech open to allow paintballs to feed. When the trigger is pulled, the bolt moves forward, pushes the paintball into the barrel, and the bolt seals off the barrel. Then air propels the paintball. The bolt then returns to the open position. (Most markers use an open bolt configuration.)

O-ring (Paintgun/propellant system component)- Circular rings of rubber or plastic used to make airtight seals between parts (bolt and receiver for instance), and air fitting joints.

Out -adj. Term for eliminated person or persons in a paintball game. Players who are "out" may no longer shoot and must proceed to the dead box and wait for the game to finish.

Outlaw ball - term used for a style of play by people who paintball in the woods or on property near their homes that may not belong to them. Often times associated with woodsball, but can be a type of speedball as well depending on the type of field that is used.

Overshooting slang- term used when a player shoots excessively at a player to eliminate them, usually more than three shots.

Paintball - A spherical gelatin capsule containing water soluble paint. Paintballs are approximately .68 inches in diameter although there is some slight variation (on the order of thousandths of an inch) between manufacturers and brands.

Paint Check - Term when a player wants an opposing player to be examined by the ref to see if he has been successfully tagged or eliminated.

Paintgun (equipment)- A pneumatic device for firing a paintball.

Pods (equipment) - Large round tubes used to hold extra paintballs. Normally held on a harness.
Posting - Leaning out of a bunker and waiting for an opponent to pop out.

Porting - Tiny holes made in a barrel,

Power-Feed (Paintgun component)- A feed with part of the outer wall of the tube cut away to allow gas to vent during firing. The idea is to lower the back pressure from firing which would normally disturb the flow of balls into the breech.

PSI - Unit of measure. Pounds per Square Inch. This is a measurement of pressure and is defined as the force in pounds exerted by the substance under pressure against a surface with an area of one square inch.

Pump Guns - Classification of paintball gun where an entire action of moving the bolt back, having a paintball drop into the breach, and bringing the bolt forward must manually be completed before firing.

Push slang - An aggressive advance.

Quick Disconnect (Propellant system component)- An air fitting comprised of two pieces that fit together. Its purpose is to allow the player to separate the paintgun from a remote propellant source. The quick disconnect is often used in conjunction with some form of bleed valve.

QEV - n. An acronym for Quick Exhaust Valve. Originally intended for use on autocockers, this is now also an upgrade for the popular Ion that allows gas to escape at the point of the fitting instead of back through the solenoid, thereby improving cycle times, trapping dirt and grease that may get into the solenoid, and improving efficiency. May or may not require body modification.

Ram - n. A piston used in recocking a marker. Spyders use blowback to recock; higher end markers use some air to operate the ram and recock themselves

Ramping v. Where the person pulls the trigger a certain amount of times and the gun adds shots. For example, say the gun is set to ramp 50% at 12 bps, when you walk 12 bps with your fingers (no added help from the gun) the gun will add 6 extra bps, so you will be shooting 18 bps instead of 12.

Recball - n. Short for recreational paintball. A term used for any style of paintball that is not specified a tournament or tournament level. Non competitive.

Receiver (Paintgun component)- The portion of the gun in which flow of gas is controlled, also referred to as the body of the gun. The receiver houses the valve(s) and bolt. The barrel, trigger mechanism, air input, and grip frame are attached to the receiver.
Ref -(slang for referee) person who obviously supervises a game to make it fair, basically refs it.

Regulator (Paintgun/propellant system component)- A mechanical device for controlling the pressure of gas in a closed system. Regulators accept gas at a given input pressure and through an arrangement of piston(s) and springs maintains a lower output pressure. A regulator cannot have an output pressure higher than the input pressure. Some regulators are adjustable and others have fixed output pressures.

Remote (Paintgun/propellant system component)- A long hose which allows the player to separate the propellant tank from the paintgun so that it can be carried elsewhere on the player's person. Typically a long braided steel or coiled hose is used to connect the gun to a tank carried on the player's back in a harness.

ROF - rate of fire

Rupture Disk - See Burst Disk

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