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Viking. You compare some of the least air efficient markers to some of the most efficient. The viking is greater than or equal to the matrix in about every category. Also, matrix owners get checked/pulled for ramping a ton because Matrixes are the most common markers to ramp. It becomes annoying.
Originally posted by speedy2k4
i've never heard of an STD LPR. is it just a regular smartparts lpr with herpes?
Freak Factory Impulse (Freak Barrel, Dye Stickies & Maxflo Tank)
Automag 68 Classic (Old Style All-American Barrel and Air America Raptor Tank)
Minicocker (Progressive, J&J Ceramic & Oldschool Nitroduck Tank)
P68 Stock Class (Ball count slots, dropout co2 slot, honed barrel)
Halo B, Egg II, 2x Pre-BE Revvy, Profiler, Invision, Spectra, Dye/Proto everything. I have enough stuff to have 3 players ready to play... Too lazy to take pictures to sell stuff...
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