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Well, got some misc items for sale. will sell cheap cuz i got no use for them

1. 2k Bushmaster frame, some wear: Maybe $25 shipped w/ Dye sticky, 20 shipped without sticky, still got punch pins
2. Dye sticky : 8 shipped
3. OTB grips red and blue : might fit angels frame $10 shipped each

This is what they look like on the gun - JUST FOR ILLUSTRATION

Next up is for misc stock bushy parts
Stock bushy valve : 15 + ship
stock lpr plunger : 5 + ship
Stock 12 in barrel : 10 shipped

ALL PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE, just pm me or talk to me on aim: rogueriderk3

Thx, looking forward to get rid of these sutff lying around

.Okay also got some misc parts:

1. green nipple protector. great for protecting against dirt or debris. : $6 shipped.
2. Assorted air fittings - one 90* for ss hose, one 90*for macro and one staright for macro - i think : 5 shipped each or 10 bux shipped for all 3
3. 3 o-rings - $1.50 shipped.
4. System X 3 way - with 4 rods that's supposed to be connected to the trigger arm. I dunno if this thing still work. missing one barb. U can take it to ur airsmith to get a barb.
If this thing leaks, just call System X and i think they'll replace it for free. Like i said, i dunno if this still work, sold my cocker long time ago. $ 12 shipped for the 3 way and the 4 rods


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to bad theres not an idiot check button

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