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Phantom FAQ

What is a Phantom?
A phantom is a type of pump marker that is made by Concept Component Industries.

Is it stock class?
It can be changed from Stock class to gravity feed in about 5 minutes and it has many air configurations

Is the stock barrel accurate?
Yes! The stock barrel is one of the best stock barrels on the market and is VERY accurate. There is really no need for an upgrade

What are some Upgrades for barrels?
The CCI Nickel is a very good upgrade that is inexpensive. Another popular Phantom barrel is the DYE Stainless but it is slightly heavy. Other barrels inculde the All American, J&J Ceramic, DYE Boomsticks, Lapco Bigshots, and more.

Are Phantom expensive?
Yes Phantoms are generally expensive but it matters how they are setup. The price will be about equal to a low end semi-automatic. Here is a general price range :

(all guns are in stock black)
(all prices from offical Phantom manufacturer)

Phantom- $200
Phantom with .45 grip- $230
Phantom with .45 grip and bottom line - $260
Phantom with Vertical Air- $230
Phantom with Vertical Air and .45 grip - $260
Phantom SC with .45 grip - $240
Phantom VSC - $250
Phantom VSC with .45 grip - $290

Do the internals need to be upgraded?
No the internals stock in all phantoms are about as good as they will ever get.

Where can I get a phantom?
The best place to buy a phantom is strait from the Mannufacurer itself (CCI, Mike Casedy) There they have every single configuration made and you can have your gun annodized to solid colors, fade, cammo, splashes, and custom.

How do Phantoms rank with other Pumps?
Phantoms are some of the BEST pumps made and are near the top of the "pump chain" and yes I would recomend buying a phantom.

Where can I learn more about Phantoms? - Phantom Owners Group (PHOG)
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