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Sniping in Paintball

OK i know that the topic of sniping has been pounded into the ground, that is why i made this forum, because I feel that it is possible to snipe in paintball as long as one has a realistic definition of sniping. I will explain to you what my definition is and why it is that way, if you disagree with anything i say then say so and say why, because simply saying "ur a n00b" does not solve anything.

My definition of a sniper:

1. a sniper usually uses a highly customized marker, normally a very accurate one with a long or specialized barrel. Normally semi - automatic markers like Tippmans or pumps (i can't think of any examples right now, sorry) are used

2. Sights, scopes and other aiming devices are not required to make a sniper, as these are for the most part useless with paintball markers

3. snipers should not play speedball with their sniping setup, as sniping in speedball is suicide

4. snipers often use camoflage or ghillie suits, or at least clothes that blend in with their surroundings

5.a sniper is supposed to be very patient and chooses his shots very carefully, using a minimum of paintballs

6. a good sniper should be skilled in stealth, long range shooting, evasion of alerted enemies, snapshooting, calculating where their first shot's going and basic light infantry tactics (not necessarily training) anyone lacking these skills isn't really a sniper in my book

7. snipers sometimes use silencers (which will not be discussed in great length, because of forum rules)

8. A sniper will move often during a game to get a better shot or complete an objective, if a "sniper" doesn't move then they're not a sniper

Things not necessary to snipe:

1. scopes - just because he has no scope does not mean he isn't a sniper

2. a 21" barrel - it is just n00bish stupidity to think that a 21" is necessary to snipe, as that long a barrel will contribute little to accuracy as increased friction will negate much of the benefit Also 21" barrels are very clumsy and hard to aim on the move (not good in paintball)

3. greater range than a "normal" marker - in real life sniper rifles have the same range as normal guns, it is just that they are constructed to be more accurate at long range (like the Russian SVD, it is almost identical to the AK-47 but has finer parts, a longer barrel and more customization)

Please read this definition before posting, if i find anyones points make sense then i will update my definition. An if you can prove without a shadow of a doubt that sniping is impossible then i will declare you a god.

- edited parts in bold

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