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My friend's PGP, fresh from Palmer. I had two minutes to take the pics and it was cold outside. Indoor lighting sucks. Mind the bad pic. Uber high res.

I'm planning to palmerize a PGP too. The bandaid on my thumb is from shooting myself with the PGP accidentally. I have it on video, but this site is G-rated and I was in a ton of pain. Pain = bad words.

Anyways, its sweet, Dead on accurate, I recommend palmer and PGP's to anyone. Craig did a great job. Nickel plating is coming soon; my friend needed the PGP for this coming week and didn't want to risk having it come in the mail late. Besides, he likes ninja.

Edit- Yay, reportcards. Good grades = $$$. I'm going to get my own palmerized PGP or a phantom once I sell my mag, depending on whatever ends up working best. Not sure between the oldschool and newer ones, though. I love the old ones but tend to shoot myself with them accidentally.
Originally posted by speedy2k4
i've never heard of an STD LPR. is it just a regular smartparts lpr with herpes?
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