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Here's some things to ponder Shep about the sniper title...I know, I know, semantics shemantics, but hey, what is in a name right? (okay, enough of the proverbs and clichés)...

A sniper by the military sense is one who has numerous mathematical computations memorized (or readily available) to compute out exact adjustments for range, wind, temperature, humidity, how much pressure in the air (sort of like humidity, but more like mountatin versus flatlands), and the round being used. Now, granted you could in theory create these formulas, I highly doubt that you will have that much consistency in even one hopper of paintballs let alone an entire box. If you use CO2, then you increase another variable's unreliability. See where I am going?

What about using the term "sharpshooter" or marksman? Hey, originally the "snipers" in the Civil War were called Sharpshooters, because they used the Sharps 1859 rifle which had a high level of accuracy and good range, but these units did not have anywhere close to 100% accuracy. I mean, if you hit 100% with an M-16 you are called a "marksman," not a sniper. Basic combat in woodlands also forces you to use camouflage (in fact, it is outlined in my ROTC manual), so does that make every soldier a sniper?

I hope this opens up just a few of the flaws with your assessment. Like I said, you are welcome to challenge me or call yourself whatever, but it should explain at least one of my reservations about such a title.
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