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I left my previous team because of differences of opinion on certain I might as well post my info:

Tournament series you've played in/experience:

1. SCPFOA with Tsunami and War Machine (1 year)
2. CFOA with War Machine (1 year)
3. Div. II X-ball with XSF

I have also been training since august with team Upstate Army...kind of a division of XSF. (5 years total experience...2 years playing with tournament players, and 1 year tournament experience)

Gun setup:

Red/Black fade DM4 with XSF Advantange chip, Shocktech rail, 45/4500 Crossfire tank, and Halo B loader

Blue Dye Trix with the same accessories as the DM4

I live in Upstate South Carolina, but I will be willing to travel pretty much anywhere in the State of SC, or a decent distance into Georgia or North Carolina.

Basically I'm looking for a team with players of at least 1 year tourney experience, and a reputable history in the previous tournaments. I don't want to go into anything that has just been formed in the past year, unless it's been formed from experienced tournament players.
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