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jt 3.5 upgrades

Hey all some upgrades i have done on my jt 3.5 are , shortening the trigger pull to about a millameter and a half toatal
drilling a hole in the feed neck to relieve some of the back pressure from going in to the hopper and poping balls up.
polishing internals.
painting a graphite coating on the bolt to reduce friction.
one piece cp barrel with internal graphite coating.
hpa tank.
empire power hopper

Now to all the gurus out there. what do you think about removing the rear 2 inches of the bolt to reduce weight , it can still be cocked from the top, and lightening the bolt should make it faster ( less reciprocating mass)

spider bolts really fit? the ones I have seen do not top cock, intimidater bolts look right but do not have the rear cock knob,,,,I have heard that if you drill the hole through for the conector pin on the spider bolts it will work, is this true ?
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