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I really dont see how the viking is better in every way. If you get an evolve bolt the matrix is either more effeicent or the same as the viking. And thats the only area the viking could beat a stock trix. Not only that but with a trix its virtually impossible to chop. You get eyes and if you tune yer LPR right the bolt wont chop paint anyway it will bounce right off it, now a viking cant do that!
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E2 with all nexus parts palmer stabilizer and freak kit!

Piranha G2 PRO colors with a DYE Stainless J&J Ceramic ACI 6 Stage expansion chamber Shocktec Delrin bolt Carbon Fiber steel sear Turbo Valve

All this powered by a Crossfire 68/4500 carbon fiber tank and fed by a Reloader B!!!

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