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Hey everyone!!!!!!!!

Team: Deadly Alliance
-rookies but considered to be close to amateurs
-been together for 1 year
-6 people need 1 more for 7 man

-Winter/Fall uniform
-urban camo pants
-urban camo sweater[no hood]
-Black T-shirt over camo sweater with Embroidering
- Evil eyes [white] goggle skins

-Summer/Spring uniform
- JT pro series 2004 black and blue [ getting 2005]
- black pants
- Evil eyes blue goggle skins

angel speed/angely fly/spyder imagine 04/spyder fenix/karnivor autococker/spyder xtra/raven primal.

haha pretty serios about our uniform dont you think lol well its not my idea its the captains haha ohh well we look cool out there especially with the goggle skins
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