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Unless you get rings that fit around the ram saft....thats what i great.

Now onto my mod--

O-Ring Bolt Mod

~remember, you screw up your stuff, its your fault. Im not responsible for any harm that comes to you or your marker.

Best way: Useing a lathe mark the places where you want the rings and then take off enough to fit your orings in snug and enough the stick out so they work.

Orings to use: Go to your hardwear store. pick an oring that slips on over the bolt....then get 2 sizes down and use thoes. Its what i did atleast.

Now for the iffy way that i did my mod:

Matterials: 2x Sharpie
dremel w/ cutting wheel
Steady hand.

Step 1:take the clip off of the sharpie so its just the cap and marker w/ out the clip.

Step 2:insert back end of sharpie into drill and secure. MAKE SURE IT IS VERY STRAIGHT AND WHEN POWERED ON DOES NOT WOBBEL! it will take time but in the end it is definatly worth it.

Step 3:Slip the bolt on to the face of the sharpie so it doesnt slip around. Once again MAKE SURE THERE IS NO OR VERY MINIMAL WOBBLE.

Step 4:spin the bolt by turning the drill on to a low rpm. mark the bolt where you want the rings useing the other sharpie. stop the spinning. does it look straight and uniform? if so continue. if not adjust your bolt and sharpie so you DONT HAVE WOBBEL!

Step 5: use the dremel to take off little by little the delren. when the sharpie isnt visible stop and try the ring on. Remark the slot and take off and check again. Repeat this untill you get the right depth. If you get any where near the inside surface of the bolt stop. if you breach this you could render your bolt useless.

Note: be patient. Go slow. Make the effort to get no wobbel. you wont be disapointed.

Once again--Dont do this if you feel nervous or uncapeable. I am not responsible for what you do to your gun, bolt, Person while attempting this mod.

Have a better way? tell me and ill change this.

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