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DM4 VS. DM5 Comparison Chart thread

heres a little chart i found about the dm4/5/ DONT FREAKING ASK WHICH IS BETTER OR THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THEM. EVER. AGAIN. thank you.

some extra info on the older gen matrices courtesy of speedy2k4...i dont know much about them so dont pm me about it.

Some basic info on the lcd/led: much larger than new models, up to 1lb heavier, more complex bolt kit not removable in one peice, regulators vary depending on model, no ultralite but matrix barrel is very usuable, private labels may have ace system, many custom versions available, new board must be purchased to upgrade electronics, trigger is internally adjustable, still has very high rof, adjustments can be made through lcd on lcd models, includes temp, rof, and other features, 170 psi operating pressures, efficiancy of 700spf led, 1200spf lcd, lcd has lcd screen, led has led, lcd comes with external lpr, same detents as dm4, removable breech, feednecks vary, less kick usually due to more weight, both have dual side air passages, the lcd only uses one and the other is left open for private label modifications such as trauma eyes or freeflow higher volume for solenoid
musashi'd red to black dm4 clicky
chrome cp roller
68/4500 pure energy
red reloader B
cp direct mount

grey to black a-bomb intimidator clicky
techna scythe II
predator board
45/4500 air america
smoke halo b
black cp rail w/ on/off

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