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THis one is kinda tricky to explain, but it has won my team 5 tourneys.

Three man:
On the break, your front player is on the far right. Your back is next to him, and your mid is on the left. The buzzer sounds, the front player runs to the back right stand up. The back player follows him to the bunker, but he's blazing away at the opposition. The mid makes a break and holds the left forty. As the back enter the same bunker as the front, the front makes a break for the fifty. If he makes it there clean, then he should lay down some paint. The mid then moves to the left fifty. The back moves along the back right to your forty. Now you have two guys on the fifty and one on the 40. The front and mid should then move up cautiously, and as soon as they take out the other teams front and mid, they should bunker the opposing back.

Five man:

Both of your fronts should take the 50 off the break. Your mid should be right behind your fronts. First your backs pin down the other teams backs, and then one of your backs moves up and plays mid. After this happens you should make and all out push against the other team.
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