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Originally posted by cheappaintman
ok, the bko is, a gun for 350 that goes faster than a ion

$75 more than an Ion, and one more bps stock

more reilable

Uhh... no

better eye logic

Don't think so

better reg

Not necessarely

better bolt

I'll give you that it does have a delrin bolt

smaller profile than timmy

Oh please, the Ion is the size of a shocker and is shorter than an intimidator. And the BKO is a 2 tube stack design still, and is taller as well.

can have a 4 way noid in and go 40+ cps

Not that you'd be able to shoot that fast. The Ion is capable of 23 with a bolt upgrade which is all you'd ever need.

has breakbeam eyes

Your train of thought must still be in the station, because the ion does too

better woranty

Yeah, but you can only send it to them to get fixed to furfill that warranty. With an Ion, you can take it to a local store and have it back in 2 days, as opposed to a month from ICD.

better quality

Their gaskets still suck, but their quality overall is better than t used to be

and everyone knows that sp never fixes problems with their guns

Yes, they do...

the bko looks better

Your opinion, and I held an Ion today and it is truely a very nice gun feel-wise

the reg is magic when its broken in

Better than the SP reg, which has less parts and is easier to disassemble, yet still have very good performance? Yet to be seen

a really good lpr

I'll give it that it had one, unlike the impulse, but I don't believe that it's any better than an Ions LPR

backed by a smaller company


And he asked whether the Wrath or Ion, not the BKO
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