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Angry I'm more than a little mad, READ THIS BEFORE POSTING!

Due to the irresponsibility of some members, I'm imposing some new rules in here.

1. Stories that are about dangerous activities or about how you used your paintball marker to shoot your dog are unacceptable. Anyone breaking this rule, is subject to banning. I'm sick of closing threads about people being morons or promoting dangerous behavior.

2. People who resurrect dead threads to post "up" will be considered spammers and also subject to banning.

3. Members who provoke with inflammatory posts will be booted as well. Same for people that flame other members. Keep it civil.

4. If you have ***'s in your posts or bypass the swear filter expect a ban. Bad language is unnecessary. We have an edit button, if you see stars in your post, edit it and correct the language.

5. Bottom line, I'm sick of cleaning up after a bunch of children who have nothing better to do than troll and post spam. Violaters will be subject to immediate bans.

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I'd have given someone's arm for a U-Haul and 20 minutes alone with a forklift.
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