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Wow I was hoping this thread could give some solid info on the Wrath cause it's an attractive alternative to the Ion, however instead I find the usual foam-mouthed ICD humpers attacking the ion like it did their mama wrong. If the Ion's presence threatens you ICD owners this much you must not have much faith in your markers. Anyway (not that this is going to be noted cause it's not about BKO VS ION but I'll attempt) is the Wrath going to accept Timmy parts? I've heard mention that it is using Timmy-style internals but I'm just wondering to what degree they'll be swapable. Any info will be greatly appreciated!

By the way I'm a neutral third party in this Smart Parts VS ICD war, since I've never owned nor tried either marker, but I gotta say ICD certainly seems to have a lot of extremists. You're like the suicide bombers of the paintball world lol.
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