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Okay Here's My :2Cents:

Alright growing up with a father in the Marine Corps (Considered the best snipers in the world by most of the UN countries). Alot of war and weapons analysis took place in my lifetime. I at one point asked him what makes a sniper because we just finished watching the movie sniper.

First of all all Military forces wear camouflage, that doesn't make a sniper. A sniper has advanced training and practice with non-general issue camouflage (i.e. ghillie suits). So just wearing a wal-mart "Advantage camo shirt" doesn't make you a sniper.

The .308 rifle, that Marine Corp Snipers use, is standard issue for all Marine snipers. The only thing that is adjusted is the stock, which has different risers, and butt plate lengths to fit the sniper like a glove. So that could translate into a heavily modified Paintball gun, to fit the PB snipers shooting style like a glove.

Marine Corp Snipers are trained at Quantico, VA. They are trained to take shots up to 1000+ yards. However, that is only a small part of the total training. 80% of the program is dedicated to stealth, concealment, egress and regress.

As a qualifying exam a sniper must in a field with spotters shoot a target and remain undetected for a certain period of shots. Not at a 1000yards mind you, but more along the range of 300 yards and in. This is well with in the normal range of any general issue rifle for the military. So that easily translates into fact that all paintball guns shoot within roughly the same range.

So a modern day sniper in the real military sense is someone that is more capable of remaining undetected while stationary and almost undetectable while moving, which was 80% of their training, than taking shots well out of the range of standard issue weapons.

I know people will flame me for sure, but under mine and my father's (22 years in the Marine Corps, several of those posted at Quantico), definition of a sniper they can exist in paintball. If you don't believe me, next time you are playing woods ball and you are walking along and you feel a sting on your chest, or you goggles are covered in paint, and you don't see where they are at just remember paintball snipers don't exist, right?

As a matter of fact on the history channel you can catch a show every so often on marine corps snipers that will support all the information i just gave, except for my references to the PB world of course.

Please feel free to inform me of gaps whether adding to my definition or punching holes through mine. I won't argue, but I will take and listen to your side, and will add to this definition.

Edit: I do not consider myself a sniper, just for those that are wondering, I am more of a SWAT tactic style player, I have no clue what mods on a PB gun make it more consistent, more accurate and more precise. I do however, know the Modern Day Definition of a Sniper according to the Sniper Training School, that all SWAT, FBI, CIA, and Various other federal dept. snipers of the gov't will spend some time in if not all their training time in.

I also do feel that the term sniper is deserving for a few individuals, who dedicate their style of play to absolute concealment, and do not run and gun. The term however, seems to be used more and more by rich kids who have been romanticized on the idea of a sniper and go out and buy the longest barrel, the most "accurate" marker, and so forth. That doesn't make a sniper, what makes a sniper in PB is someone that has dedicated himself to camouflage, concealment, and stalking ones opponent for quite possibly for hours, in BIG games, or Scenario games for that one Day Making shot, that will be talked about for weeks afterwards.
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