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cdwilliams, good post, well thought-out argument, but you have the same loopholes everybody else does. Just because I am concealed for hours on end doesn't make me a real combat, I could be an LRRP, SEAL, Ranger, basic rifle squad with an ambush assignment or a smart L-Tee who is aware of an enemy presence, etc, but none of us may be good shots. We see one guy, my best shooter takes a shot, he drops, life goes paintball, it might be someone who can hide really well and just gets a good shot and takes it, that's intelligence, not sniping. We see one guy, my best shooter takes a shot, he drops, life goes on. That isn't sniping, that is ambushing. It is a fine line, but given that range and consistency is one of the most important characteristics of a sniper, I have to question that definition.

As for the recommendations, here are some things to consider about your proposal:

I can't tell you how many times I see "snipers" with CO2...umm, no. It is too responsive to air temperature regarding its phase and therefore could be difficult to have pressure at the same level throughout an entire game or even games week after week unless you play in an indoor environment that is very climate-controlled. HPA would have to be a must, but as the tank runs empty, you lose some pressure. How does a "sniper" compensate then?

Another factor is the barrel length. Yes, I will agree a better barrel is good, but that doesn't always mean better accuracy. Like you mentioned, paint comes into play, and if you break a ball, now you fouled up any remote indications of a system you once had. If the bore is bigger than the field paint, then what? If you get a bad batch of your favorite paint or if one is deformed? These are things to consider when considering the title of sniper. A sniper has physical and mathematical answers for nearly every one of the potential variables thrown at them. What are your calculations?
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