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Yes I did leave out something. Seal are in teams of 6, A rifle Company is a team of 20-30 sometimes but rarely more. A sniper unit is in Doubles but more likely than not singles, who are lone units.

Also snipers do not shoot everything that most "snipers" in PB shoot. A sniper is trained to take out or literally "assasinate" (which is why snipers at least the Marine Corps ones have a bad rapport with other types of units). So just because he sees some guy with a rental say in a woods ball game that doesn't mean he is going to take him out. Save that for the other guys, what he would go for is either fellow "snipers", or other players with expierence. To eliminate key individuals is the snipers job. In scenario ball the sniper has an even better opportunity, since the game play is much much longer.

And the Paragraph about the 1000+ yard training was supposed to signify that these guys are well above the average shot, sorry that didn't make much sense.

The only thing that is close to this description is a seal team. They do have snipers on their teams with .50 cal rifles. However, guess what kinda of sniper training those guys received... thats in Quantico, VA right along side of the Marines. The only difference is a Seal Sniper protects his other units at the maximum range. This could easily be concidered a person on a team that flanks to the side, during a prolong shooting period and takes out key people, unnoticed, and at maximum range of a paintball gun. This is where the key to me is, UNNOTICED.

Rifle Squads, and so forth have a different mantra all together. More ammo, more rifles, to kill more things. Thats why Rifle squads, and companies are the ones that are sent out on "Search and Destroy" or "Sweep and Clear." They will try and take out any available target. So a rifle squad can't be called a sniper unit, even in ambush, because it violates the 1 to 2 person guideline, and if its in groups like a seal team then he still is a sniper, however, his role is to take out key individuals that are either pinning down their fellow teammates, or are the key target all together for the team.

Also the Mantra of a sniper "One Shot, One Kill" is only a guideline, Snipers do miss for miscalculation in math or an inconsistency he didn't take into effect, its rare, but I am told it does happen. A sniper will take controlled shots, until he is discovered, or he feels that the enemy is honing in on his posistion. So a PB sniper that misses the first shot doesn't always make him not a sniper. The rounds that we put down our barrel are the in consistency that we deal with.

Please read my previous lengthy post before you read this one, simply so you will hear the whole argument.

Thanks Cadet for showing me some things I forgot. I was writing this at work. I want to try and get those that don't think PB snipers don't exist to just know all the facts before they start popping off with movie "facts" from all the war movies they have seen, and using the extreme examples of what movies show as a sniper. Which is what most of it I have always read through out all the 100's of threads i have read about snipers.
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