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Here's my beaut'.


Proto 2005 Matrix (black)
Custom Products Roller trigger (black)
Chipley Custom Machining No-Pro clamping feedneck (black/black)
Check-it Products Uni-mount (black/black)
Halo B with Rip-Drive loader (black)
Empire 4-piece barrel kit (black/black... see a theme yet?)
Centerflag 68ci/4.5kPSI HP fiber tank, with ANS fill-nipple cover (black) and Dye 2004 Rhino tank cover (grey)
Warped Kustoms grey Gucci barrel cover. Gotta have something from WK.

Soon to come:

Victory board for my Halo B
Delrin drive cone for my Halo B (less breaking, gentler on paint, faster)
Crossfire 68ci/4.5kPSI LP fiber tank, with ANS fill nipple cover (black) and Dye C5 tank cover (black/grey)
Hybrid Lady Grips, if I don't like the stock ones (black/grey)
Hybrid Push-Button on/off Unimount, with micro-rail (black/black)
Musashi programming!
Predator red laser eyes

A few pics:

Hottness. It looks even better in person, I SWEAR. And that is Everlight's chair.

Lovin' this trigger. It's actually a lot thinner than shown in the pic, since it was taken at an angle. Notice the uber short pull. NO bounce, yet. Used over 2kPSI worth of my fill trying to find any.

The lowest feedneck on the market; introducing, the CCM No-Pro. Half-an-inch of clamping goodness.

Another pic of my re-done hopper. Since the last pics, I have cut out a hole for the LED to poke on through.

Obviously, the stock feedneck is no more. And the macro has long since been cut.

I <3 this thing!
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