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04 BKO 4/S/T

04 BKO 4/S/T

i have a pretty much stock 04 bko w/ a long cp reg. i just found a good deal on a speed so i will most likely sell this.

price is $265negotiable

bought for $295, cp reg was $80

pretty good condition minor dings by the back tray screws but thats about it. minor wear on the lpr adjustment area but still very usable.

EGGY DROP and MACRO not included.

Will add tank for total price of $290. Tank is a Crossfire 47/3000psi. Great condition. Cover included. Red Dye.

only about 1500 rounds through this baby, shoots great, only problem had was with stock reg but thats gone now.

Originally posted by SABO

stick an allen wrench up your nose and turn the pressure down so it doesn't put so much pressure on the noid
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