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the real definition of a sniper.

ok here is a quote from a well respected sniper from the vietnam war era some of you may know him his name is Carlos Hatcock, " The sniper is the big game hunter of the battlefield, and he needs all the skills of a woodsman, marksman, hunter, and poacher. He must possess the field craft to be able to position himself for a killing shot, and he must be able to effectivley place a single bullet into his intended target."

Ok now for my definition: a sniper is someone who not just shoots a single shot to kill someone. a sniper is a scout. he is an infromant for the rest of his team. marksmanship is not what makes a sniper. knowing how to stay invisible to your enemy is what makes a sniper. some of the most important things in sniping are cover/concelment( 2 diff things wich i dont feel like explaining but if you want me to pm me) movement, and also the snipers surroundings. if you go into the feild with the idea that a sniper is just an expert marsmen then your wrong. i personally somtimes dont shoot in a game if i dont have to. i do a lot o frecon work when i play. i identify enemy positions an radio back to the rest of my team. now with that said im ready for some
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