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a controversial subject like paintball snipers needs to be understood from both sides. i believe the questions of "why don't people believe that snipers exist?" and "why do people hate the idea of snipers?" are worth answering and should be a part of this thread. here's my theory:

the stereotypical military sniper picks off targets with one shot at long range. hardly anyone without a military background or military knowledge knows the real definition of a sniper. most of the people that want to be paintball snipers are basing their decision on the stereotype. they want to be safely out of someone else's range and take one shot at a time to wipe out the other team. sounds good in theory, right? what they don't know is that all paintball markers have the same effective range and accuracy by design. they don't know that sniper guns don't exist, but they assume that they do because they're paintball guns.

a common misconception among the sniper wannabes is that getting themselves a good "sniper rifle" with a scope and maybe a ghillie suit will automatically make them a sniper. they think the crosshairs will do all the work for them, and all they have to do is point and pull for an elimination. sniper wannabes often use their self proclaimed position as an excuse to hide in the back of the field. this bothers experienced players because they know that these newbies are not going to be an effective part of their team and will only hold them down. also, the general sniper attitude tends to be "i can take out the most people without being seen or using as much paint as you, therefore, i'm better." i get that vibe all the time from the ghillie suit guys.

so, the main reason experienced players dislike snipers is because the majority of them are uninformed/misinformed newbies. when these newbies use their gear to pretend that they're skilled (which, before anyone says anything, applies to speedball newbs with timmies & angels as well), it bothers the experienced guys even more. it comes down to paintball sniper being almost synonymous with poser.

well, that's my theory. it's open to debate.
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