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Now editied to make sense:

amzng_spyderman, I haven't really understood the hatred between normal paintbellers and "snipers", thanks, what you said made perfect sense. Oh, and sorry about trailing off, I lost my thought mid-sebtence and couldn't rerember it, so i moved on

i_lovesniping, I would like to back you up, but I don't know much about the flatline, and knowing what I know about physics (barely enough to converse on the subject of the flatline barrel, but whatever) I would have to say that at that range there probably wouldn't be very many breaks. Plus 50% is a lot considering the range your discussing and the fact that if a sniper wants to survive he has to limit his shooting to a maximum of 3 shots (even then it's dicey). Basically you will never get a longer range gun than anyone else. Also, to silence a hopper is easy, glue a thick, lint free cloth to the inside of a small hopper.

Also, I have never heard of Hathcock, althought I have heard of Vassily Zaitzev (read about him in the book, Stalingrad, it's a very good book, you guys should check it out), he got 242 confirmed kills, including one at several hundred yards, without a scope. Also, he was only wounded once, and the wound was from shrapnel, not a bullet. This is basically what I would like to encourage, precise shooting without being seen (hence not being shot at).

Here's a site where I got some of my info:

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