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Sniper Basics - Choosing Cover

How to Hide

When you are sniping the most important things to consider when hiding are:

1. Never break skylines or be silhouetted against natural lines. This draws the attention of the eye and could lead to the sniper being located and engaged.

2. Avoid isolated cover. Not only is this difficult to move to or from, but its isolation will naturally draw the opponents attention.

3. Regularly check and where necessary change or add to the natural camouflage on your ghillie suit (if you have one).

4. Avoid any unnecessary or quick movement, since both catch the eye. Always move under cover and plan the route to minimize exposure time.

5. Never hide in high places, falls hurt

6. Always choose a natural depression in the ground to hide in, it gives you more cover and makes sure your ghillie suit doesn't stick out

7. always have a good escape route, otherwise if your outnumbered in a firefight your doomed

8. Have good fields of fire (good visibility), it helps when an enemy knows where you are and tries to flank you

9. hide in shadowy area's, like under logs or bushes (if possible), but don't hide where you can't see or in a dangerous area (thorns)

10. If possible have a backup position prepared, prefferably witha view of your first hide, so that when enemies go to bunker you you have a clear shot at them

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