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Sniper Basics - Shooting

A good sniper will pick his shots carefully, if you are against a large force you will put yourself in a sticky situation if you reveal yourself. Rerember this and try to shoot only when you have a chance of surviving. Rerember, while sniping is normally done at long ranges, Vassily Zaitzev (mentioned somewhere in this article) was able to succesfully snipe in a close-range city environment by carefully choosing his shots when and firing only when the enemy is off-guard.

To shoot correctly you must:

1. Get in a well covered position which offers protection from enemy fire, prone is the best in most cases (assuming you have someone backing you up and watching your flanks) as it is the most stable, although sitting and kneeling both are useful in certain places. also, you should be comfortable (not siting on rocks or sharp things)

2. stabilize your breathing, so that your movements are not jerky or erratic

3. take several deep breaths, to saturate your blood with oxygen (this helps vision and keeps you alert and relaxed)

4. Wait for some sort of cover noise, if possible (firefights are the best)

6. Wait for any winds to die down (they provide too little cover noise to be useful, plus they affect the ball's flight)

5. take in one last deep breath and let it halfway out
(this will not make a huge difference but take any breaks you can get)

7. Take aim at the centre of the target's torso, on suggestion from other in this thread I have reconsidered shooting moving targets, only do this when you are not outnumbered (against two people, rerember, you should have a partner) or when you are with people who can lay down heavy fire after you shoot (like when waiting in ambush)

8. Gently pull the trigger straight back, do not loosen your grip on the marker

9. Watch your ball fly

For when you are against a large group:

By this point your opponents are yelling, looking everywhere and possibly firing, do not panic, if they let you shoot they probably did not see you, wait until they're looking away and start again at step #2. Alternatively, if you have a partner accompanying you (which you should) he should take this opportunity to fire on the enemy and draw them away from you.

If they did see you then they will run at you and try to flank you, my best advice is to squeeze of a couple more shots and run for it, stopping to shoot every now and then. If you have any allies now is the time to go to them (this can turn into a killer ambush in your team's favor if you are far enough ahead of your pursuers becasue then you can warn your team, who will have time to prepare)

When against 2 people:

At this time you should have eliminated the first person, if you have a partner he should fire on the other enemy immediately after you, nevertheless you should take aim on the remaining opponent just to be sure.

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