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Sniper Tactics

Here are some good tactics snipers use:

1. Travelling in pairs, or with a dedicated "spotter", this lets one sniper scan the area and the other engage targets, and if the spotter has a fast-firing gun then he can hold enemies at bay with it if they rush the sniper - Listening to people's arguements I have decided that this is a must

2. Eliminating sqaud leaders, this can cause panic, especially if the enemy is new, if not, then it can't hurt to shoot the guy who has been in charge of the squad, as they are now forced to find a new leader and deal with you simultaneously. The confusion this causes can easily be exploited if you have a spotter, as he can then lead the enemies away while you shoot them in the back. Since the leader is gone the enemy team can no longer act as a funtional unit, as any plans the leader had are now gone to the dead box

3. Eliminate the "General" in scenario games, this can cause a breakdown in the command structure for a little while as the enemy team rearranges itself, it is also a good way to get extra points (one person mentioned before me that sniping is innefective for this as it is more efficient to storm a base and "demolish" it, I say that it is better to do both and possibly get both point bonuses)

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