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Originally posted by i_lovesniping
I guess u never tryed a flatline before because they go 300 feet and when they hit u they have a 50% chance of breaking.
i've got plenty of experience with flatlines. i'm a woods player after all. half of all the tippmann owners i know have used flatlines. one of my ex-teammates had a flatline for a couple years. during one rec game he blasted me with full auto from just over 250 feet. he hit me about 7 or 8 times but none of them broke. that's just one experience i've had with longballs not breaking.
Originally posted by Sheps
amzng_spyderman, your post shows a lot of thought, it honestly never occured to me that it could be the newbs and overly arrogant people who try to snipe that cause the dislike for snipers. I had always assumed that it was because of
lol. are you going to finish that thought?
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