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Sheps, you have a small glitch with your walking in stealth. Not sure who taught you how to move quietly, but you lead with your heel. The Ranger who taught us explained that by leading with your heel, you are able to control the rate on which your weight is tranferred, so if you start to find a crunchy leaf beneath you, you can hold up and not lose anything. You also will not risk injury to your Achilles or calf by stretching it to put your toe down first. Just a quick note of correction.

He is right about running. If you want to move to somewhere quickly and are not worried about detection, run like somebody put a cow poker up your backside. If you keep low, you reduce the risk of being hit, but running is still only a "oh crap, need to get out" move. I can't tell you how many guys eventually get impatient and run to another place and are introduced to a ball from my gun.

Another thing, and this will really drive me nuts if I don't say it: take out a leader. Why? It is paintball, unless you have about 100 little T.J. Jackson's running around who don't tell anybody what's going on, they'll continue on. It isn't like they are the only ones on the field who know what is going on. And if the leader goes down, somebody else takes over. It is a minor inconvenience, and it isn't like 19th Century warfare where the loss of an officer meant losing a democratically voted leader of the community. I think that strategy is overrated, and besides, if I am a leader, you won't know it.

How much damage can you do behind enemy lines? Disrupt the logistics of supply or nail a commander that the media rates about and then blame it on someone else? I think a sniper is more of a political tool like a guerilla than it is a tactical tool, and therefore there is little reason for one to exist in paintball. If the guy in command of me goes down, I'll take the reigns and life goes on, there is no big "holy crap, the general's down," just a "well, he's down, let's find the expletive and move on." Keep that in mind when you play against some solid players and leaders.
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