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Re: Sniper Basics - Shooting

Originally posted by Sheps
To shoot correctly you must:

1. Get in a good position, prone is the best. also, you should be comfortable (not siting on rocks or sharp things)

2. stabilize your breathing, so that your movements are not jerky or erratic

3. take several deep breaths, to saturate your blood with oxygen (this helps vision and keeps you alert and relaxed)

4. Wait for some sort of cover noise, if possible (firefights are the best)

6. Wait for any winds to die down (they provide too little cover noise to be useful, plus they affect the ball's flight)

5. take in one last deep breath and let it halfway out

7. Take aim at the centre of the target's torso (try not to shoot if they're moving, if they are then aim where they will be in a when your ball arrives)

8. Gently pull the trigger straight back, do not loosen your grip on the marker

9. Watch your ball fly

By this point your opponents are yelling, looking everywhere and possibly firing, do not panic, if they let you shoot they probably did not see you, wait until they're looking away and start again at step #2.

If they did see you then they will run at you and try to flank you, my best advice is to squeeze of a couple more shots and run for it, stopping to shoot every now and then. If you have any allies now is the time to go to them (this can turn into a killer ambush in your team's favor if you are far enough ahead of your pursuers becasue then you can warn your team, who will have time to prepare)
The first thing I'd like to point out is that prone is not a good position because in the very small, high-populatiuon density, low-range, and dynamic world of paintball, it's not hard for someone to come up to a flank or behind you. The prone presents a very large target profile and the shooter has little to no mobility. Teamwork, communication, and mobility. You just lost one, you might as well forget all three.

Breathing is not important. We're not talking about a 2" target from 900 yards away. Breathing stabilization from 30m away with a .68 caliber projectile on a man-sized target is a joke. If you missed, you missed becauyse you suck, not because of breathing; focus more on shot placement and get into better shape if your breathing is that heavy.

Trigger control, again, don't stress if unless you jerk the gun 20 degrees to the right every time you shoot. If that's the case, just get an Angel and learn to spray with that light trigger.

If you are a true sniper, you can hit a target when it moves...period.

If they did see you and they decide to assault, it will be quick and fast and you'll be screwed because you were laying down. If you fired at them, you are in range of their fire, the only security you had was the fact nobody knew you existed. But now they know the general location and will zero in on it. Especially if you fire more than once. The fact that you tell them to turn and fire more to pinpoint your location seems rather counter-productive. Especially since movement draws the eye to it.

And one more note, since we want maximum accuracy, be sure to check your mirage, barrel harmonics, probably want a scope with tritium crosshairs, a laser ranger finder, ghillie suit with a heater blanket to reduce IR signature, and a night vision scope at the least.
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