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Originally posted by i_lovesniping
I am talking about a normal gun not a flatline. Flatlines can go 250 feet but not a NORMAL paintball marker.
All markers (barrels) can shoot around 300' max distance (even "normal ones"). The flatline simply gives the ball a flat trajectory, hence the reason some people like them for woodsball. When using a normal barrel in the woods, you're not able to get the flatline's range because if you arc your shots, they'll hit the trees. Ask anyone here that owns a flattly, and they'll agree... flatlines have the same range of any other barrel.

Sorry, I just hate it when people perceive the flatline as being a longer ranging barrel.

And Sheps, you've got it. The main reason people do it is either becuase they want a challenge or want to brag about hitting someone with only one shot, or becuase they've watched too many sniper/war movies and don't know any better.

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