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Originally posted by Sheps
Anyways, I noticed you guys brought up people shooting ropes of paint, and I think I had an epithany, the reason someone would want to snipe is like the reason that people play stock. They want a challenge, or they're newbs who haven't been flamed in this forum yet
That's epiphany BTW, sorry to be a grammar nazi, that stuff just bothers me.

I brought it up as a useful tactic when firing from a concealed location upon a numerically superior opponent. In that situation it does not behoove a player, sniper or otherwise, to take a limited number of shots. If the opponents are in a fairly tight group it is much more efficient and effective to get on the trigger and play some rock 'n roll than it is to take just a few shots.
I'm not lacking in skill and I usually fire a lot of paint at an exposed opponent or group of opponents, it's just a good ways to do things. It gives them less time to react when you are just pouring it on them, they won't be thinking of where you are or what you are doing they'll be tripping over themselves to find cover.
In fact I do play stock class as well, my PGP is broken right now , I find it very fun and quite a challenge.
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