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I just got into paintball, because my sons (12 & 13) got markers for Christmas. This was one of the first sites I came across and I spent hours upon hours reading the reviews. A big thanks to all the people that have taken the time to run this site and those that post their reviews. You've helped me tremendously in my decisions, as to what's right for me.

My 1st noob marker
(WGP Trilogy Competition, CP 14" 1-piece Classic, Check It Products Tuctite Drop Forward, not pictured: Empire Reloader, PMI 48/3000)

WGP '04 Pro Stock
CCM Front-End Kit * CCM In-Line Reg
Eclipse Blade Hinge Frame * Worr Blade Bolt
Check It Uni-Mount 2 * Dye Sticky 3 Grips * WGP Kaner Barrel Kit

Poso Creek Paintball

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